Establishing Routines that Promote Positive Student Behavior

Many educators have had trouble managing student behavior at one time or another. But, did you know that the routines you establish at the start of the school year can encourage positive student behavior that could last the whole school year? The School Resources to Support Military-Connected Students website offers free online learning modules and resources that can help you create a positive learning environment for your students.

Learning Modules

Making Classroom Rules

  • Learn how to adapt and implement rules that can promote positive behavior in students.

Classroom Arrangement

  • Learn how to create a classroom that promotes positive behavior in students.

Behavioral Expectations by Activity

  • Learn and define behavioral expectations to implement in instructional activities.


Maximize Structure and Predictability

  • This worksheet will help you establish routines that will increase the structure and predictability of your classroom procedures.

Reducing Problem Behaviors in the Elementary School Classroom

  • “Designed for elementary school educators and school- and district-level administrators, this guide offers prevention, implementation, and schoolwide strategies that can be used to reduce problematic behavior that interferes with the ability of students to attend to and engage fully in instructional activities” (Institute of Education Sciences, 2008).

Thank you for all you do to support military-connected students. We hope these resources are useful in your professional practice. If you have questions or need help, visit the Contact Us page. If you would like to receive updates about new trainings or resources, sign up for our Mailing List.



Institute of Education Sciences. (2008. September). Reducing behavior problems in the elementary school classroom.