Frequently Asked Questions

These trainings are best suited for school personnel who work with military-connected students, such as teachers, administrators, school counselors, school psychologists, and school nurses. Some trainings are more applicable to certain roles than others.

You can search the list of all available trainings in the training database. If you are interested in a certain series of trainings, you can select these trainings from the training topics page.

No. You do not need an account to complete these trainings. However, your progress through the training will not be saved, so we recommend that you allocate the appropriate amount of time to complete the training from start to finish. Trainings typically take 10-15 minutes.

All of our trainings and resources are free.

Each training typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Complete the training in one session as progress will not be saved. Please make sure to allocate the appropriate amount of time to complete the training.

No. You can complete the trainings in any order you like. The trainings in each series are in a default order, but, if after looking through the titles of the trainings, you feel that there is a better way for you to organize your learning, you are welcome to proceed as you wish. Some trainings have recommended prerequisites (you’ll see this when you click a training title in the database), which suggest skills that might be helpful for you to have before you enter the new training; however, you are not required to complete those “suggested” trainings first if you feel confident that you already possess the necessary skills.

No. You may feel as if you are already well-versed in some of the content that our trainings cover, or you may feel that the content of the training may trigger difficult emotions. We have organized the trainings so that you may complete them with or without completing other trainings. However, we do recommend that you complete as many trainings as possible to help develop a thorough understanding of how to best support military-connected students.

After completing the survey at the end of the module, you will have the option to request an email that will confirm your completion of the training. Once you provide the necessary information and click submit, you should receive an email shortly thereafter. If you do not receive the email confirmation regarding your completion of the training, check your spam folder. We do not offer certificates of completion at this time.

Contact us at or 1-877-382-9185 if you need assistance.

The Supporting Military-Connected Students series may meet the professional development requirements of your state’s Purple Star Schools program. To learn more about your state’s Purple Star Schools program, visit the Purple Star Schools page on the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) website. Then, check your state’s Purple Star Schools program website to see if these trainings are approved professional development resources by your state’s department of education. If you are not sure, contact your state’s department of education for clarification.

At this time, we are not offering Continuing Education Units. However, you are welcome and encouraged to share your completion of these trainings with others in your school or district to demonstrate your new skills.

Each training contains a printable handout (found on the “resources” page in each training) that outlines the strategies presented in the training that you can implement in your professional practice. Additionally, some trainings may contain supplemental resources that you may find helpful as you work on implementing the strategies covered within the training modules.

Most of the training modules are already accessible (i.e., 508 compliant). However, some of the trainings contain specific interactive elements that may not be accessible. In these cases, an accessible version of the training can be downloaded by selecting the training you wish to access in the training database, and then downloading the accessible, 508-compliant PDF version of the training. If there is no link to an accessible PDF version, then the regular version of that training is accessible.

If you need assistance, please contact us by emailing, or calling 1-877-382-9185.