Socioemotional Learning

Educators have identified frequent geographic transitions and Service member parent deployment as factors that may affect the socioemotional well-being of military-connected students. Educators report increases in anger, sadness, and anxiety levels among some military-connected students; however, only 38% of teachers surveyed indicated they have the necessary skills to meet the emotional needs of military-connected students (Garner et al., 2014). This series, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), is a collection of trainings related to integrating SEL into academic content, incorporating explicit SEL instruction, and assimilating SEL intervention. These trainings summarize research related to SEL best practices, provide opportunities for education professionals to practice developing skills, and include take-home resources to help school personnel apply the content from each training. These trainings are available at no cost.


Garner, J. K., Arnold, P. L., & Nunnery, J. (2014). Schoolwide impact of military-connected student enrollment: Educators’ perceptions. Children and Schools, 36(1), 31-39.

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